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Customer satisfaction, positive experiences, and the value of goods and services a customer receives from a business all contribute to customer loyalty, which is essential for the success of any company. Smartico offers state-of-the-art technology in real-time, data-driven online marketing solutions.

What is Smartico? is a multi-channel Realtime Gamification and Marketing Loyalty Platform that enables companies to drive customer engagement, providing personalized marketing and retention tools. Through personalized customer experience, gamification, automation, and optimization, the platform maximizes marketing efficiency and builds long-lasting customer relationships.

Innovating Gamification & Loyalty solutions respecting different customer preferences

Smartico’s Gamification & Loyalty solution includes a wide array of tools for online casinos and betting sites to improve customer engagement and encourage customers to revisit them. These include the collection of points, special missions, levels, unique badges, tournaments, spin the wheel, leaderboards and others.

But what about players who prefer playing without online betting accounts?

Smartico provides an innovative solution for retail operators that enables their customers to experience all of the above! This completely changes sportsbook betting shops, enabling loyalty offerings previously exclusive to the online environment.

“Our approach to gamification and loyalty in general in sportsbook retail is revolutionary as no one has ever done it on the level that our tools allow us to do,” said Yuval Mechoullam from Smartico. “Smartico is a boutique software company driven by customer requests, adjusting to their needs not only in the CRM automation area but also in gamification and loyalty. We have customers operating in some exotic countries like Kenya, Sri Lanka, El Salvador, with lots of physical retail businesses rather than online ones. We offer a unique solution to serve those offline punters.”

How does it work?

Retail operators set up their gamification services through Smartico, which in turn provides a personalized loyalty app, downloadable from Google Play or App Store.

Whenever a customer enters the shop and makes a bet, his bet slip will include a QR code, issued by Smartico. The user can download the operator’s loyalty app and sign in using his social media account, such as Facebook or Google, or his phone number (via OTP). Scanning the QR code on the receipt instantly updates Smartico with all the necessary information required in order for the customer to accrue points and progress in missions and tournaments he joined.

Making qualifying bets, the customer can accumulate points and redeem them through the Smartico marketplace with prizes, cash or other offerings made by the operator.

This means that customers of brick-and-mortar betting shops and those without a betting account can also enjoy all benefits of loyalty programs and gamified experiences, without exception. Smartico leaves no players behind!

In a nutshell

Smartico’s Gamification & Loyalty solution completely redefines brick-and-mortar betting retail, opening up a whole new dimension of customer engagement. Find out more about Smartico and their Gamification & Loyalty solution here.

Author: Micheal Ramirez