Packers have big decision ahead on Aaron Rodgers


The Green Bay Packers universally want Aaron Rodgers back, but they shouldn’t make a habit of begging.

In stunning fashion, the Green Bay Packers saw their offseason begin on Saturday night. After Robbie Gould’s 45-yard field goal was true at Lambeau Field, the San Francisco 49ers sent the Packers home and into months of uncertainty. Among the topics are free agency, special teams upgrades (potentially including a new coordinator) and the draft.

Oh, and Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers, who spent all of last season putting pressure on the only organization he has ever known to trade him, could very well do the same again in 2022. Despite having what many believe will be a second straight MVP season with 37 touchdown passes against four interceptions, Rodgers was non-committal about whether he plans to return next season despite being under contract.

Rodgers, 38, made clear he doesn’t want to be part of a rebuild, which is an odd statement considering the Packers haven’t rebuilt since the early 1990s. Additionally, they were the league’s best team this year at 13-4 and while a cap crunch is coming, nobody sees Green Bay falling apart provided Rodgers sticks around.

For head coach Matt LaFleur, he’s hoping that’s the scenario. Per ESPN:

“I haven’t even been part of any of those discussions, nor have I — like I said last year — allowed my mind to kind of get to that point. I just want to do everything in our power to try to get him back here and making sure he’s comfortable with the direction of our football team, and confident that we can continue to have success here, and try to find a way to get us kind of over that hump so we can reach further and further and further.”

While Rodgers is obviously the lynchpin to any success for the Packers, they shouldn’t beg for him. If he wants to leave after another playoff disappointment with him at the helm, move on. Trade Rodgers for a litany of picks, play Jordan Love and figure out the future armed with a bevy of draft capital. If Love is the answer, you’re set for 15 years. If not, you have the ammo to make a move.

Green Bay is right in wanting its star quarterback to return, drama and all. But if he raises hell about not having another say, or talent around him, or enough support, make 31 calls and take the best deal.

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Author: Micheal Ramirez