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It was a historic occasion in the A-League means last night when after a long and delayed start, Macarthur FC officially debuted their mascot “Arthur the Bull”


While it was the first time that Macarthur had taken to the pitch since Boxing Day, most of the Paramount+ broadcast was devoted to Arthur’s highly anticipated debut.

It’s also worth remembering that Arthur Macarthur was also the name of the kid played by Matthew Kroc on Hey Dad.

With Arthur now in full swing, we pay tribute to some of our favorite mascots from years gone by

TEAM: Moonee Valley Racecourse

Where's Coxy?


Forget Winx, Might and Power, or Kingston Town, the real hero of the time-honored Cox Plate is, Coxy the loveable plate for which punters can get a pic whenever they head to the Valley come springtime.

Coxy hasn’t been seen much in recent years, but we live in hope that Coxy returns ASAP.  

TEAM: Illawarra Steelers

No photo description available.

Stanley was a casualty in the merger with St.George, however, his one defining moment for this Iconic mascot was being sent off by the referee after getting involved in a brawl between Illawarra and Balmain players in a home game against Woolongong back in 1995.

No other mascot in Rugby League can lay claim to that.

TEAM: Arsenal

It’s great to be back 🦖 #ARSBHA ⚽️

— Gunnersaurus (@Gunnersaurus) May 23, 2021

Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil stepped in to save the club’s iconic Gunnersaurus from extinction after the club axed the loveable dinosaur in a string of brutal cost-cutting measures.

Even the thought of Arsenal axing Gunnersaurus, who is a beacon of hope for the London club in an era of mediocrity enraged their millions of fans.

The man in the suit, Jerry Quy, had been playing the role of Gunnersaurus from 1993, was let go due to empty stadiums as a result of the COVID19 pandemic.

Ozil took to the social media platform known for peace, love, and understanding – Twitter dot com to inform the world of his incredible gesture.

I was so sad that Jerry Quy aka our famous & loyal mascot @Gunnersaurus and integral part of our club was being made redundant after 27 years. As such, I’m offering to reimburse @Arsenal with the full salary of our big green guy as long as I will be an Arsenal player…

— Mesut Özil (@MesutOzil1088) October 6, 2020


Team: Philadelphia 76ers, Major League Baseball

Has a reputation and is the most-used mascot in the world of sports.

No one knows who or what he actually is and is great for jobs in the legal fraternity.


TEAM: Western Bulldogs – AFL

The Western Bulldogs had an actual Bulldog which fans could actually meet and give a pat for being a good boy at their home games.

Sadly, Sid is no longer with us but Ceaser the Bulldog has taken his place.

Sid’s all-time greatest highlight was humping the Collingwood mascot’s leg.

TEAM: FC Koln – Bundesliga

The GOAT of mascots – literally.

Unfortunately, the pride of FC Koln was retired last year and replaced with Hennes IX last year.

In 2015, striker Anthony Ujah celebrated a goal against Eintracht Frankfurt by grabbing Hennes by the horns. Hennes was not best pleased, but Ujah formally apologised and attended Hennes’ eight birthday, giving him a fruit & veg basket and a scratching brush.

[📷 @rponline]

— Matt Ford (@matt_4d) August 1, 2019

TEAM: Canberra Raiders – NRL

A veteran of 600+ games, the performer Tony Wood was actually made a life member of the Canberra Raiders.

Viktor now has a co-mascot Velda the Valkyrie.

Raiders on instagram: Family reunion at GIO Stadium as the Raiders unveil Velda the Valkyrie, re-uniting her wit older…

— Canberra Raiders News💚 (@Canberra_Raider) March 24, 2018

When the Raiders made into the 2019 NRL Grand Final, Viktors head came off in scenes of absoltue joy.

Both mascots live on a strict diet of Canberra Lime Milk.  

The night Victor the Viking lost his head with joy | The Canberra Times | Canberra, ACT

TEAM: Utah Jazz – NBA

No one knows what a Jazz Bear is and quite frankly, no one wants to know.

Did once get even with a Houston Rockets fan that poured his beer on him.

TEAM: Geelong – AFL

It’s not just Arsenal who have used the pandemic to implement changes in the mascot department, but Geelong has also given the man behind beloved mascot “Half Cat” – Steve Sobey the axe.

While Geelong plans on keeping Half Cat on as their mascot, along with his new female counterpart Clawdia, Cats fans have made a petition for Sobey to be reinstated.

Half Cat’s highlights include getting in a punch on with the Hawks mascot, Hawka.

Half Cat: Geelong Cats urged to keep Steve Sobey as mascot in petition | Geelong Advertiser


TEAM: Brisbane 1982 Commonwealth Games

A massive kangaroo made out of paper mache that was 13 metres tall, weighed six tonnes and could wink.

One would hope she makes a comeback for the 2032 Olympics.

TEAM: Central Coast Mariners – A-League

Arthur the Bull has nothing on Marvin from the Central Coast Mariners.

Don’t say 🚫 to Marvin. #CCMFC#CCMvWSW 👉👉

— Central Coast Mariners (@CCMariners) January 28, 2020

And of course, the BBQ sauce bottle who don’t take s*it from anybody.

The BBQ Sauce bottle has a history of making trouble.

TEAM: South Sydney Rabbitohs

Reggie is as iconic to Souths as the random guy and more important than Russell Crowe. Charlie Gallico has been in the Reggie Rabbit suit for over two decades now, and is a real heart and soul operator that all footy clubs need.

After a rough few week, the Titans showed their support to Reggie the Rabbit by parading him to the fans.

The man in the suit is 77 year old Charlie Gallico who has been involved with the club for over 40 years.

The Gold Coast fans treated him like the hero he is.

— Footy Smiles 😁 (@FootySmiles) April 26, 2021

The border restrictions prevented Charlie from taking part in the 2021 NRL Grand Final at Suncorp Stadium, but he will be back in the Reggie suit this season.

“I don’t think anything will keep him (Charlie Gallico) from being Reggie. He’s as shattered as I am he can’t be there this weekend.” ~ John Sutton#GoRabbitohs

— Mal (@SydneyRabbitoh) October 2, 2021

TEAM: Philadelphia Flyers – NHL

Whatever Gritty is, he’s one to keep the kiddies up at night.

TEAM: Brisbane Broncos – NRL

It’s been a tough year for the Brisbane Broncos and the NRL’s strict COVID-safe protocols has meant Buck couldn’t be at Suncorp Stadium this season.

The evidence is clear – no Buck, no Broncos.

A Broncs Tale - Broncos


TEAM – Needs to pick one.

Seriously, what is the go with the Hogs Breath Cafe mascot?

One minute he’s getting behind the Brisbane Broncos

Broncos Hogsbreath Mascot | Mascot, Nrl, Broncos

Then he’s on board with the Melbourne Storm.

The Pom Pom Paparazzi - NRL Cheerleading Blog | Photos of Australian Cheerleaders | Pom Poms: Storm announces cheerleader partner...

The only Storm/Broncos double-up fans hope for is Craig Bellamy, the Hogs Breath mascot should simply stick to being an ambasador for curly fries with stake and a drink as part of a $19.95 lunch special.

TEAM: Washington Nationals – MLB

Donald Trump is yet to join, but claims he was asked and that the results were rigged.

The Presdients Race has become a tradition at Nationals home games.

There is a campaign to let Teddy Roosevelt win.

Nats unveil new presidential mascot - POLITICO

TEAM: Toronto Raptors – NBA

How many mascots can lay claim to having eaten a cheerleader in their time?

TEAM: Wigan Athletic – English Football

Any team that makes a pie their mascot is a winner in our books.

TEAM – The Dream

The recent 20 year anniversary of the Sydney 2000 Olympics reminded us all of the Battlers Prince, what he stood for and how he was a far better alternative to Syd, Ollie and Dickhead.

TEAM – Neds

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Author: Micheal Ramirez